31st of January 2018 –  End of submitting of the applications for the projects (Application and Agreement forms)

15th of February 2018 – Sending of work sheets to registred schools

Working on the project

Possible visit of the architect, art historian etc in school. With lecture after agreement with school and organizators.

30th of May 2018 – Deadline for sending art based on the work sheets to the organizators (with Labels)

31st of May 2018 – Exhibition of the works of the past five years in the Senat PČR (only chosen schools)

10th June 2018 – Sneding of the instructions with dates of visit of the exhibition (czech schools only)

June – August 2018 – processing and preparation of the exhibition

15th of September – 10th of October 2018 – exhibition 100 years of playful architecture

18th of September – 27th of October 2018 – visits of the exhibition (czech schools only)