Advent meeting

On monday 11th of december 2017 we were meetng at pilsens bishopric with children from Elementary Art School of Pilsen and with the bishop. During our project this year Playful temple builders which was fociusing on baroque architecture we were workig with four schools from Pilsen, Ostrava, Prague and Přelouč on special projekt. We provided a model and children were supposed to finished it with their art. Finished models were shown at the exhibitions in Paris at WHC UNESCO and in Prague in Clam-Gallas palace. Now we wanted to return these models back to the children who made them so they can gift it to authorized person.

Children form Elementary art school under the supervision of the principal Mr. Karel Syka were making the front of the pilsner bishopric. This model was really admired by the visitors. Many stopped by and said they don’t believe this was made by children.


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The author of the model is Aleš Marboe.

Mr. bishop shake hands with every child and he manage to learn all of their names. He even invited them into his office and showed them ceilling mural of the Pilsner Madonna, inspired by the famous statue from the Pilsner cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. Also he did a littleautographing session and sing New Yers card to every child with dedication and wish of blessed Christmass.


Children in return bring as a gift grapfic works with pilsner thematics. Elementary Art School of Pilsen is the only one who does Litography with their pupils.

Next monday we will be making another meeting like this, but this time in Ostrava.

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