O projektu Hravý architekt

Basic information about the Playful Architect project
Characteristics: International Arts & Architecture project for the children in 3
rd and 4th grade of elementary schools. It’s being held as a part of architecture and urbanism festival Architecture Week Praha.

The organizers: Czech Architecture Week (www.architectureweek.cz), Hravý architekt, z.s.

The aim of the projekt:

  • To introduce the children from elementary and secondary schools to architecture in an adequate way and to teach how to perceive it.
  • To show them the profession and work of an architect.
  • To explain what architectural heritage is and why it is important to be interested in it and preserve it.
  • To explain the meaning of quality architecture for everyday life.
  • To show them connections between different fields and arts.

The Playful Architect consists of:

  • The educational part – lectures from architects, preservationists and architectural theorists at elementary and secondary schools.
  • The creative part – the children are making the drawing of architectonic sites.
  • Exhibition of the drawings.

The Playful Architect is being held throughout the school year as it involves the educational part in the form of lectures from and discussions with architects or other chosen experts, who provide the children with basic information about architecture, its foundations, roots and authors. The pupils with their children go for a trip in their city searching for architectonic sites of their hometown. Those are essential for the creative part of the project. The children are given a lesson on how is architecture connected to arts (for example: statues, reliefs, stained glasses, frescos, house signs, gargoyles, fountains, mosaics, ornaments and details of historical objects – windows, cornices, doors, gables). The above mentioned is transformed into an artwork of their choosing (distemper, watercolour, print, linocut, pen-and-ink, pencil or charcoal drawing etc.) in A3 format.