2017 – Baroque in Czech lands

Tour in the footsteps of czech baroque. Interactive exhibition for children and adults.

12. 9. – 15. 10. 2017

Clam-Gallass palace, Husova 20/158, 110 00 Prague 1

In Pragues Clam-Gallas palace is from 12. 9. to 15. 10. 2017 an exhibition Baroque in Czech lands to be see. Part of this instalation are also interactive artefacts for children. Exhibiton has an czech and english texts. It is open every day except on monday from 10AM to 6PM. Organizators are Czech Architecture Week and Playful architect.

Baroque is by experts called the last universal style of the architecture. It impacted every sphere of humans life regardless their social standing. We can meet baroque architecture everywhere around us. It is part of our everyday life without us even knowing. „In this yers edition we tried to show children with a playful output what baroque is. We wanted them to understand how importatnt the role of baroque cultar was in our country. Beacause it is also a styl we can find throughout the whole world 11 foreign schools also participated.,” explains Petr Ivanov, director of the hosting Czech Architecture Week and chairman of the Playful architect association.

Prague Clam-Gallas palace – a beautiful baroque building by the architect Johann Bernard Fisher z Erlachu was for 33 dyas place where returned the spirit of baroque times.  Visitors could see models, interesting artefacts – for example from Kuks arrived two dwarfs from the sculptor Braun while the children can enjoy the interative ones. „Magnetic baroque village, column from wooden boxes or puzzle of the baroque church interior. Those are the artefacts that will keep children occupied so their parents can look through the exhibition and look at all the artefacts that came from all over the republic,” says Jan Šimr, who has a lot of experience with exhibitions for kids and with a smile adds that parents can also enjoy this interactive part.

Czech Architecture Week and Playful architec hosts thematic exhibition for the fifth time. „As in last years this year will be part of the exhibition works of children from the age of 9 – 10 years old who participated in a year long project art-architectural project. This year we added amateur videos with baroque theme which will be made by children. Videos are incredible lively, colorful and full of pozitive energy. To see what children manage to create is always the most enjoyable part of the project. And thanks to that we all do it,” says Petr Ivanov.

Openning night

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 Exhibition pannels:

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Czech Architecture Week

Playfull architect


Miluše Horská, 1st vicepresident, Senat of the Parliament of Czech republic

Karla Šlechtová, Minister, Ministry of regional development of Czech republic

Stanislav Štech, Minister, Ministry of education, youth and physical education oc Czech republic and chairman, Czech commsion for UNESCO

Mons. Dominik Duka, archbishop of Prague

Vojtěch Cikrle, bishop, biskopric of Brno

Vlastimil Kročil, bishop, biskopric of České Budějovice

Jan Vokál, bishop, biskopric of Hradec králové

Jan Baxant, bishop, biskopric of Litoměřice

Václav Lobkowicz, bishop, biskopric of Ostrava and Opava

Tomáš Holub, bishop, biskopric of Plzeň

Jana Vildumetzová, předsedkyně, Asociace krajů České republiky

Martin Netolický, hejtman, Pardubický kraj

Josef Bernard, hejtman, Plzeňský kraj

Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor , Capital city of Prague

Jan Wolf,  councillor for the culture, monument care, exhibitions and tourism field, Capital city of Prague

Naděžda Goryczková, CEO, National heretige institute

| Special thanks:

Richalr Vojta, memeber of the board of directors, Praguesteamboat company

Zdeněk Bergman, director, Museum of the Charles bridge


Juraj Jančina, Jančina Architects


Moravskoslezský region

Pardubický region

Plzeňský region

Czech railroads

Barrandov Studio


Praguesteamboat company

Capital city of Praha

District fo Prague 3

District fo Praguea 6

City of Tachov

Volunteer alliance of cities of Lednice-valtice areal

Mikroregion Radbuza

| Participating emassies:

Embassy of Slovinia

Embassy of Italy

Embassy of United states of Mexico

Embassy of Brasil federative republic

Embassy of Peru

Embassy of Lithuania


| Participating institutes:

Italian cultural institute in Prague

French institute in Prague

Polish institute in Prague

Slovakian institute in Prague


Product Partners:




Media partners:

Prague City Tourism

Prague Event Calendar

Autors of the exhibition:

Kateřina Semrádová, Jan Šimr, Petr Ivanov

Architecture of the exhibition:

Miroslav Řepa

Autors of the texts:

Radomíra Sedláková, Kateřina Semrádová

Professional cooperation:

Radomíra Sedláková, Miroslav Řepa, Tereza Halusková

Artistic rendering:

Marta Hricová, Jan Šimr


Marta Hricová

Graphic design:

Tomáš Cikán, Petr Ivanov, SIGIT – Jiří Kudrna

Photografic cooperation:

Iveta Kopicová


Dáša Mamudo


Patrik Opěla, Tomáš Soukup

Building of the exhibition:

Alexej a Marek Honetschlägerovi – T.A.H.

Organizators team:

Petr Ivanov, Sylvia Hanáková, Tomáš Soukup, Barbara Štruplová, Alice Klinkeová, Patrik Opěla, Kateřina Semrádová, Jan Šimr, Daniel P. Madrid, Dovile Valenciute

| Thanks to cooperating institutions:

Archbishopric of Prague

Bishopric of Litomeřice


Municipality of the capital city of Prague

Management of Prague Castle

The museum of decorative arts in Prague


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