2014 – Florence

The Playful Architect in Florence!

On the 12th of December 2015 a vernissage which initiated the exhibition The Playful Architect in Centro Congressi al Duomo in Florence took place. The partners of the exhibitions are the Honorary Consulate in Florence, The Romualdo Del Bianco foundation; and the main partner is ARCA -Amici Repubblica Ceca Associati aCentro Congressi al Duomo.

The honorary consul Giovanna Dani Del Bianco, vice-president of the foundation Romualdo Del Bianco, Mrs. Carlotta Del Bianco, the playful architects from the Pistoia school with their teachers Patrizia and Beatrice and their headmaster Mr. Maurizio Monti and of course the representatives of The Playful Architect participated on the event.

Thus, the organizers continue in the long term collaboration and Florence is beginning to be a traditional exhibition place of the project The Playful Architect. The exhibition will present all the 19 participating states to the public in the third annual project.