2017 – Paris

From 23rd until 30th od August of 2017 in WHC UNESCO in Paris an exhibition of children works Baroque through the eyes of children was taking place. This happened as art of project Playful tepmple builders. In this fifth years edition of the project participated 26 elementary schools from 11 states world wide. Among children from czech republic it was children from states of North and South America, others were from Europe. The exhibition captures the view of children on this architectural phonomenom.
„Baroque is the last universal style of architecture. It has in every of the participating country its own specific form. Children view is often really diferent from our own and thats why wanted to find out how baroque culture is viwed by them,” says Petr Ivanov, chairman of the Playful architect association which together with the Czech Architecture Week hosts the project. The exhibition was open by the 1st vicepresident of the Senat Mrs. Miluše Horská.

Children had three tasks for this year: artwork, model and video. At this parisian exhibition visitors could see the first two of them – pictures and models.

This years project had three part exhibition, first was in Mariánská Týnice, second in Paris and third one in Clam-Gallas palace.

Závěrečná zpráva Unesco 2017