Modernist Kids



The 11th international project Playful Architect, with the title Modernist Kids, is focused on teaching children about the importance that the modernist movement had in the early 20th century to shape our cities of today, making functional, comfortable, technological and aesthetic houses and buildings that still amaze us today. The project will help children find, discover and appreciate the treasures of modernist architecture in their own countries and cities.



From June 1 to August 31, 2023 at The Children’s House in Prague Castle. After the initial exhibition in Prague, the collection will travel to several other countries.



Playful Architect is a project that always tries to find interesting and engaging architectural topics to work with children. In 2022-2023 we want to travel back in time with our playful architects and learn about the modernist movement, its philosophy and aesthetics, its focus on functionalism and in employing the most innovative technologies of the time to create houses and buildings with the promised comforts of the future. Modernist architecture and the ideals of functionalism reached virtually the whole world in a time when globalization was not the huge force it is today, so it will be fascinating to work with several schools from all over the world that can share the children’s view of modernist constructions from Tel Aviv to Brasilia, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Mexico City and so many others with authentic jewels of the early 20th century architecture.

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