Town, State: Voděrady, Slovakia

Name of the school: Elementary School and Kindregarten in Voděrady

Principal: Antonia Zlatohlávková


About school:

We have 220 students in 12 classes, aged from 6 to 15. Our students start learning English in the 1st grade at the age of 6. They take part in many competitions (English, Maths, Logic, Science, Art, Sports…) and are quite successful. The main aim of our school is to provide a secure environment, in which each child can fulfil his/her potential.

Education:  Mgr. Petra Fabiánová

Theme of the lecture: Back to Baroque

Children involved in the project (3. A, 3. B and 4. A class):

Sofia Javorková, Rebecca Heregová, Magdaléna Ivančíková, Renáta Karczubová, Sebastián Formanko, Katarína Formanková, Petronela Greždová, Dávid Maár, Kristína Miháliková, Marek Moncman, Filip Sárka, Roland Strehovský, Natália Šimková, Milan Toronyi, Laura Tóthová, Esther Tubonemi

Labels of childrens works:

  1. Moonlight baroque, Kristina Mihálková, 8 yrs.
  2. Castle – baroque, Filip Sárka, 9 yrs.
  3. Old church in the baroque period, Petronela Gredžová, 9 yrs.
  4. The most popular church in the baroque period, Natálie Šimková, 8 yrs.
  5. Baroque Tower, Marek Moncman, 9 yrs.
  6. Old Baroque castle, Esther tubenemi, 8 yrs.


Childrens works:

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Photos from the school:

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