Playful Ambassadors


Playful Architect is an international project that relies on the collaboration with diverse professionals, from teachers and architects to urban planners, art historians, conservationists, government officials, national embassies and even university students.  Thanks to the selfless and generous work of these Playful Ambassadors we are able to reach children from every corner of the planet and bring together exhibitions where students can see the world of architecture through the eyes of far away friends. 

Becoming a Playful Ambassador involves a lot of commitment, planning, communication and most importantly sharing time with children in their own schools, thus strengthening community ties and a sense of care for the students and their built environment. If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador for your country and community please contact

Arch. Albert Wimmer
Vienna, Austria
Albert Wimmer ZT-GmbH


Arch. Constanze Sixt
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
GPY Arquitectos
+34 922244575

Arch. Jeremy Smith, ANZIA

Nelson, New Zealand
Irving Smith Architects
Instagram: @isjeremysmith


Arch. Tatevik Zakaryan
Yerevan, Armenia

PhDr. Damjan Prelovšek

Ljubljana, Slovenia
European Academy of Arts and Sciences, Salzburg

Dora Martinková
London, United Kingdom

Horacio Chiesa
Maui, Hawaii, USA
+1 808 298 9067
AllietA creative center / ArchismArt

Arch. Cynthia Seinfeld
Lima, Peru
Seinfeld Arquitectos

Arch. Cleira Torres
Lima, Peru

PhD Dalit Atrakchi
Jerusalem, Israel
+972 50 280 357

Prof. Elena Svalduz

Padova, Italy
University of Padova

Arch. Jorge Arditti
Mexico City, Mexico
Arditti + RDT Arquitectos

Arch. Michael Devonshire
New York, USA
Jan Hird Pokorny, Architects

Prof. Andrea Giordano
Padova, Italy

University of Padova