Hravý architekt

The Playful Architect is being held throughout the school year as it involves the educational part in the form of lectures from and discussions with architects or other chosen experts, who provide the children with basic information about architecture, its foundations, roots and authors. The pupils with their children go for a trip in their city searching for architectonic sites of their hometown. Those are essential for the creative part of the project. The children are given a lesson on how is architecture connected to arts (for example: statues, reliefs, stained glasses, frescos, house signs, gargoyles, fountains, mosaics, ornaments and details of historical objects – windows, cornices, doors, gables). The above mentioned is transformed into an artwork of their choosing (distemper, watercolour, print, linocut, pen-and-ink, pencil or charcoal drawing etc.) in A3 format.
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Name: Hravý Architekt, z.s. (Playful Architect: non-profit)

Address: Masarykovo nábřeží 250/1, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1

Company identification No.: 028 05 634

Legal form: Association

Registered: in the Register of Associations kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, section L, insert No.: 59239.

The aim of the association:

The education and enlightenment of children and students from primary and secondary schools, high schools, art schools or colleges and universities as well as children’s homes, hobby groups and organizations focusing on the children with special needs on approach towards architecture, urbanism, design and arts by means of discussions and lectures, national history tours, arts and crafts sessions in order to raise their awareness of above mentioned fields and at the same time to teach them to perceive the environment they live in and how to participate on its shaping. Furthermore, organizing the exhibitions and competitions and displaying the artworks of children and students.

Publishing activities:

Publishing of informational and educational publications, textbooks, workbooks, magazines, catalogues and leaflets.