Bělá nad Radbuzou

Town, State: Bělá nad Radbuzou, Czech Republic

Název ZŠ: Elementary School and Kindergarten Bělá nad Radbuzou

Principal: Miroslav Nový

Teacher: Nina Picková

Web: www.belanr.cz/skola/index.php

Email: pickova@belanr.cz

GSM:+420 602 154 690


About the school:

Our school is located in the small town of Bělá nad Radbuzou, at the foot of deep woods of the Bohemian Forest. Our school has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Currently, it is a complete nine-year school, which includes 151 pupils and 60 children in kindergarten, not only from Bělá nad Radbuzou but also from the neighbouring municipalities. The name “Cool School” indicates that we are trying to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for learning, sports and afterschool activities that pupils can attend at our school. Near the school there is an educational trail, which can be used for class preparation and for making projects.

We cordially invite you to the town of Bělá nad Radbuzou – a town in the heart of the Bohemian Forest.


Theme of the lecture: Architecture in time through children’s eyes

Children involved in the project (4. A class):

Coufal Samuel, Dančová Helena, Forst Martin, Gažiová Ester, Jaklová Martina, Kotrcová Kristýna, Kučera Tomáš, Kuneš Adam, Masiarčin Jakub, Phan Hong Quanq Jakub, Ryba Tadeáš, Smolík Jakub, Volfíková Monika

Labels of childrens work:

  1. Stone bridge in Bělá, Monika Volfíková, 10 yrs.
  2. Stone bridge, Kristýna Kotrcová, 10 yrs.
  3. Fireworks near bridge, Jakub Masiarčin, 10 yrs.
  4. Stone baroque bridge, Jakub Phan Hong Quanq, 10 yrs.
  5. Stone bridge in Bělá in spring, Samuel Coufal, 10 yrs.
  6. Stone bridge, Adam Kuneš, 9 yrs.

Childrens pictures:

Photos from the school: