Thank you responses from schools

Mgr. Jarmila Staňková, headmistress, elementary school, Závodu Míru, Pardubice

Dear Mr. Ivanov, thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event. The children enjoyed the day very much despite the bad weather. The tour of the Wallenstein Palace was wonderful and our guide was wonderful. I also believe that we will meet again for other activities, we start painting pictures 🙂


Mgr. Miroslav Buchar, headmaster, Elementary school, Břečťanová, Prague 10

Dear Mr President, thank you for the invitation and the photo sent to you, both children and teachers liked your event very much.


Mgr. Dvořáková Jitka, Deputy Director, Ema Destinnová Elementary School and Nursery School, náměstí Svobody, Prague 6

Thank you very much.


Ing. Petr Neumann, Deputy Mayor, Prague 15, Boloňská Street, Prague

Dear Director,

thank you for the invitation. It was a great honor to attend and admire in person that despite the bad weather you managed to create a very pleasant environment and a very interesting event. The opening was amazing and the children’s creations were great. I firmly believe that this great event will continue in the coming years. And that I will be able to take part again personally.


Mgr. Aleš Hejna, headmaster, Primary school Nepomucká, Prague 5 – Košíře

Hello, Mr. Ivanov,

Thanks also to you for beautiful projects for our children.


Mgr. Hana Frúhaufová, Deputy Director, Primary School Ústecká, Česká Třebová

Once again, we want to thank you very much for this event. Our children liked them very much, they have experiences and also the color of our baseball caps was said to be the best, so another praise. Only the weather was not convinced, but that’s life. Maybe next time.
We used the event not only on the website of our school, but also appeared in our newsletter

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