Town, State: Venezia, Italy

Name of the school: Guiseppe Lombardo Radice

Principal: Mr. Davide Frisoli

About school:

Our school is named after Lombardo Radice, a teacher from the past century who loved that all kids were well educated. We are close to Venice old town. We have just 10 classrooms, but with large spaces and long hallways to run and play, a very beautiful music room painted by us and a large garden to have fun in the open air.

Instructors: Mrs Elena Svalduz

Theme of the lecture: The cyclo-pedestrian bridge of San Giuliano

Children involved in the project (3A, 3B):

Alessandro Rossetti, Alice Boldrin, Anastasia Cerutti, Andrea Cancellada, Besard Bushpepa, Boris Giska, Emma Munteanu, Emma Zago, Eva Causin, Giada Pagliarin, Giulio Scarpa, Kevin Coluccio, Linda Fort, Lorenzo Forti, Nurcin Maksut, Rachele Brossa, Rachele Perosin, Somaya Hannan,Tommaso Capitanio, Valentina Giacomin

Alvise Gaspari, Andrea Doro, Anna Caiazza, Emma Peron, Francesca De Bei, Giacomo Tiozzo, Laura Gianese, Maea Safouri, Maria Caterina Poles, Matteo De Bianchi, Mia Van Der Borg, Nicolò Bitente, Orpa Islam, Sara Salvagno, Stella Hu, Theresa Gianni, Vittoria Bravi, Zara Monfé

Labels of children works:

  1. Ponte San Giuliano
  2. Ponte San Giuliano
  3. Ponte San Giuliano
  4. Ponte San Giuliano
  5. Ponte San Giuliano
  6. Ponte San Giuliano

Emma Zago, Francesca De Bei, Giacomo Tiozzo, Maria Caterina Poles, Mia Van Der Borg, Somaya Hannan, Vittoria Bravi

Children works:

Photos from the school:


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