Hungary – Budai

Town, State: Budapest, Maďarsko

Name of the school: Budai Rajziskola – Alapfokú Mūvészeti Iskola és Szakgimnázium (Art School of Buda)

Principal: Mrs. Zsuzsa Lázár


About school:

The Art School of Buda provides comprehensive training in visual arts throughout the year, of which drawing and painting classes and the summer workshops. Our staff consist of professionally qualified teachers and artists who offer courses in a wide range of creative skills including drawing, painting and modelling.

Instructors: Noémi Fábián

Theme of the lecture:

Children involved in the project (10-14 years):

Labels of children works:

  1. Castle – Buda, Anna Bernáth, 11 years
  2. Castle – Buda, Emese Mester, 11 years
  3. Castle – Buda, Samu Huszár, 7 years
  4. Castle – Buda, Márton Huszár, 9 years
  5. Castle – Buda, Júlia Bernáth, 8 years
  6. Castle – Buda, Anna Ablonczy, 8 years

Children works:

Photos from the school:


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