Marian Spa

Town, State: Marian spa, Czech Republic
Name of the school: Elementary School Úšovice
Principal: PaedDr. Alena Hálová
Telefon:+420 776 575 774


About the school:

Our school is located in Mariánské Lázně, in the quarter called Úšovice. With its 57 years, it is not new anymore. We have 21 classes with about 500 pupils, which is quite a lot. In addition to school buildings (a big and a small one), we have also a school canteen, a school club, workshops, a large gym, and behind it a super playground with a racetrack, long jump pit and a playground with artificial surface. During the lessons, we discover a lot of exciting things and we also go for various trips and excursions. The reason for our entering the competition about baroque was that we were planning to visit the Teplá Monastery. There, walking throughout the baroque wing, we admired a beautiful library, tried the old baroque printing press in the monastery and the second group painted on huge canvas. We will be happy to welcome you to our “cool” school and show you what we can do.

Instructors: Mgr. Jana Wenzlová, Mgr. Michaela Pecherová

Theme of the lecture: Life in baroque monastery

Children involved in the project (3. A and 4. B class):

Bartoš Jan, Bartošová Hana, Harmáček Tomáš, Hlaváčová Daniela, Hnát Adam, Hodovská Klára, Chválová Jana, Kahúnová Natálie, Komanová Sophie, Kuffnerová Štěpánka, Petruš Ondřej, Rottenborn Jan, Součková Anna, Šourková Zuzana, Šrámek David, Štěpánková Nela, Štrunc Pavel, Vašíčková Tereza, Vejpuská Eliška, Zadranský Ludvík

Labels of childrens works:

  1. Gate of Mercy in Teplá Monastery, detail, Klára Hodovská, 9 yrs.
  2. Towers of the monastery church in Teplá, Tomáš Harmáček, 9 yrs.
  3. The eastern and northern wing of the convent in Teplá Monastery, Natálie Kahúnová, 9 yrs.
  4. The Western Shield of Prelature in the Teplá, Jana Chválková, 10 yrs.
  5. A fountain on the paradise courtyard of the convent at the Teplá monastery, Daniela Hlaváčová, 9 yrs.
  6. Baroque elements of the monastery in Teplá, Eliška Vejpuská, 9 yrs.

Childrens pictures:

Photos from the school: