Mexico – Liceo Franco Mexicano

Town, State: Mexico City, Mexico

Name of the school: Liceo Franco Mexicano

Principal: Mireille Mazeas

About school:


Instructors: Thomson Franck

Theme of the lecture:

Children involved in the project (CM2B):


Labels of children works:

  1. Museo Jumex – Mexico City, Julia Rodriguez Sotelo, 10 years
  2. Museo de Antropologia – Mexico City, Sai Gleave-Tan, 10 years
  3. Museo Tamayo – Mexico City, Luana Castro Zepeda, 10 years
  4. Edificio – Mexico City, Anita Koster, 11 years
  5. Palacio de Hierro Polanco – Mexico City, Elie Surman, 10 years
  6. Palacio de Bellas Artes-  Mexico City, Juliette Aguirre Terral

Children works:

Photos from the school:


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