Town, State: Mexico

Name of the school: Colegio hebreo sefaradi

Principal: Raquel Torenberg, Ph.D.


About school:

The Colegio Hebreo Sefaradí school is a K-12 educational institution in Mexico City, offering a creative and practical attitude to education within the framework of the Judeo-Mexican culture; it is dedicated to a continuous growth of its students through constant inquiry, understanding and growth based on guidance and self-discipline.

Our students are recognised for their Jewish-Mexican identity, their warmth and moral principles, as well as for their self-esteem and problem solving abilities.

We are an avant-garde school, with educational and academic excellence based on values and focused on imparting on our students a strong ethical responsibility and commitment to the future of humanity.

Education: Elizabeth Zucolli

Theme of the lecture: UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico


Children involved in the project (Art class):

Susy Ninio Perez, Sarah Fasca Mamille, Naomi Mercado Urow, Galya Pesel Retchkiman, Victoria Mitrani Rubinstein, Michelle E. Mitrani Rubinstein, Ory Galor Soikis, Victoria Mitrani Green, Danielli Israel Konstat, Jenny Motola Cohen, Dania Backal Sheinberg, Natalia Kritzer Finker, Elisa Pérez Alazraki, Alan Rabner Broitman, Kamila Konik Levy, Gabriela Mercado Medrez, Clara Sasson Labán, Nelson Nahmías Romero, Mishelle Zyman Jaffe, Or Bahal Curiel, Marion Szczupak Scheiman, Deborah Viso Nedvedovich, Alejandro Arditti Zfaz, Daniela Zuckerman Gittler, Emily Palombo Bistre, Liat Bahar Curiel, Alexa Litwak Weber, Isaac Duek, Sara Abadi, Alberto Harari Braverman, Milla Capon Shwadsky, Darío Capon Shwadsky

Labels of childrens works:

  1. Guanajuato alley in Mexico, Victoria Mitrani Rubinstein, 13 yrs.
  2. Pyramid of Kukulkan Yucatan in Mexico, Dania Backal Sheinberg, 10 yrs.
  3. Palace of fine arts in Mexico, Clara Sasson Labán, 9 yrs.
  4. Pueblo Cathedral in Mexico, Or Bahar Curiel, 14 yrs.
  5. Central library of the national university in Mexico, Deborah Viso Nedvedovich, 13 yrs.
  6. Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico, Alejandro Arditti Zfaz, 14 yrs.

Childrens pictures:

Photos from the school: