Filming at the primary school Lupáčova

On Friday 11. 5. 2018 we shot a reportage about the Playful Architect at the primary school Lupáčova in Prague 3 for ČT:D channel. Meanwhile we had the opportunity to see how the children handled this year’s topic and what sort of activities did the teacher come up with.

We also invited the mayor of Prague 3, Ing. Vladislava Hujová, who informed the children briefly about important matters in architecture and plans in this field coming up in near future.

One class was also lectured by Ing.arch. Václav Aulický, namely about the way of living from the prehistoric times up till present. He emphasized important aspects of the architect’s job and also mentioned a broad variety of pros and cons of his job.

The Reportage will be aired after the exhibition in Senate (22.5.) either on Tuesday or Wednesday on the News of ČT:D channel.