Visit of pupils of 4.A ZŠ Ústecká to the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Visit of pupils of 4.A ZŠ Ústecká

On Tuesday, May 28, 2019, pupils of the 4th And went to Prague in the morning. The school management enrolled them for the Children’s Day in the Senate with the Playful Architect. The winning works from last year’s competition were exhibited here. This year our pupils will create a similar work with which they will compete. Hopefully the work will succeed and they will also gain some prize.

Prague welcomed us with rainy weather, but it was still full of colors in the Wallenstein Garden. Larger stains belonged to umbrellas and smaller stains belonged to backpacks, raincoats and color caps that the participants received from the event organizers. Our Pardubice region was green. Besides our children, there were also children from elementary school Třebovská in Ústí nad Orlicí and one class from Pardubice. The deputy mayor of our town Josef Kopecký also appeared in our Senate.

In addition to the playful architect organization, our host was also Mrs. Miluše Horská, Vice-President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The children were delighted with a short performance by Adam Mišík.

After the program, despite the rain, we continued our next program. The castle with its monuments waited for us. We thoroughly went through St. Vitus Cathedral, in the Vladislav Hall we remembered its importance in the history of our country. We sat in the Basilica of St. George and visited the Golden Lane. We got acquainted with monuments of various styles.

Through Kampa we got to the Charles Bridge, we reached the Old Town Square, visited the main monuments. We managed to wander the apostles on the astronomical clock and finally we moved to Wenceslas Square and the railway station. The journey home quickly passed. Despite the bad weather, we were happy with our trip and duly tired we went with our parents to our homes.

It was an interesting, rainy, but still nice day.


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