Town, State: Bamberg, Germany

Name of the school: Elementery School Heidelsteigschule

Principal: Ursula Lyda-Fischer



About school:

The Heidelsteigschule is an elementary and a secondary school in Bamberg, with about 300 pupils aged between 6 and 16. Within the program “School of the arts”, with the main emphasis on music, art and culture history, the collaboration with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, actors and other cultural partners plays an important role in school-life.

Education: Christiane Hartleitner, M.A.

Theme of the lecture: Baroque through the eyes of children (Baroque-Excursion)

Children involved in the project (VI. A class):

Mary Boyermann, Julia Schmaus, Maltem Akssoy, Sergeij Feser, Cécile Lendner, Ousmane Sovare

Labels of the childrens school:

  1. Façade of St. Martin church, Mary Boyermann, 13 yrs.
  2. Façade of St. Martin church, Julia Schmaus, 12 yrs.
  3. Façade of St. Martin church, Maltem Akssoy, 12 yrs.
  4. Façade of St. Martin church, Sergeij Feser, 12 yrs.
  5. Façade of St. Martin church, Cécile Lendner, 12 yrs.
  6. Façade of St. Martin church, Ousmane Sovare, 12 yrs.

Childrens pictures:

Photos from the school: