Essays from Elementary school Dobřany

The pupils from the class 4. A have sent us short essays about their visit to Prague and the Clam Gallas Palace exhibition.


Playful Architect

We went to Prague by train. On the exhibition we talked about our, but also other children’s drawings: for example, from Mexico, Italy or other children from the Czech Republic. We were talking about the beginnings of baroque style. After the tour round the exhibits, we could try solving a puzzle: for example, in Plague Column in Olomouc (The Holy Trinity Column). After its completion we had to decipher the date it was erected. We almost managed. It was a very nice exhibition.
Tonda Šneberger


Art trip

Last year we participated on the Playful Architect project. Therefore, on 12. 10. we went to Prague to see the drawings of the children from Czech Republic, but also from all around the world. After the arrival to the Clam Gallas Palace we discussed the live in the baroque period. What I like the most was the painting of the Stud at Kladruby nad Labem. Some of the children said that the horses are too fat, probably because they had never seen a horse from the front before. Lastly, we visited a room, where we could take photos of the figurines of painters, sculptors and builders. In the end we had to decipher the date of the construction of plague column. The exhibition was great and well-done.
Eli Sekáčová


Playful Architect

Those two hours we spent on train were worth it. It did not tire me, I was reading. We got off the train and I sighed “Oh, Prague!” We entered a beautiful building, where we were welcomed by a very nice lady. She gave us a tour of the history of baroque and showed us everything piece by piece. The place was full of paper scale models, costumes, puzzles and our drawings, but also figurines, which we could take a photo with. Of all the exhibits the scale models of churches interested me the most. My picture of Dobřany towers was displayed there. It was pencil-drawn with red sky done by watercolors. It has been the best trip ever.
Julie Princlová


Baroque exhibition

In October our class went to the Playful Architect exhibition. As I went up the stairs, I noticed that the stair of the staircase is somewhat low. That is the feature of baroque style. Our guide gave us a tour around the exhibition. There were also puzzles and interactive exhibits. For example, we were constructing a plague column or building our own baroque village. I was surprised that all of the displayed exhibits we made of plaster. It was amazing that the pictures for this exhibition were drawn by the children from all around the world, from example, from Mexico. Simply put, I wasn’t bored at all.
Jenda Toman


Playful Architect

On Thursday 12. 10. we went to Prague. The organizers of the Playful Architect project paid for our tickets to Prague, so that we could visit the exhibition of our but also other’s pictures. We went there by train from Dobřany. In Pilsen main railway station we transferred from our train to another one going to Prague. We went on foot to the exhibition. In the exhibition building we went to the 1st floor where we stored our backpacks. Our guide told us to sit in the circle. We talked about the drawings and the figurines with the clothing from baroque period. Afterwards we went through the individual rooms, where the pictures of monuments and scale models of cities were displayed. Our own pictures were in one of the rooms. After we went through the exhibition, we were free to look around on our own. We returned to the two models, which were actually puzzles. My friends and I managed to complete them. Then we had a snack and went back to the railway station. The way back passed quickly. We all enjoyed the trip very much. The exhibition was great.
Petra Žemličková