Project specification

The Playful Architect association aims to educate children in architecture and the history of culture. Now for six years we organize the international arts & architecture project called Playful Architect, which is to familiarize these two fields to the children from Czech Republic and abroad. This year we will celebrate hundred years from the foundation of Czechoslovakian Republic. On this occasion we would like to see how the children perceive the architecture of the buildings built in this period. Modern art is very subjective. It is more subjective than classical art, which has its acknowledged masters. The children’s point of view on this matter will be more than interesting.

The aim of the project is to popularize architecture and the history of culture, to introduce children to the architecture of their city and region, and to examine and recreate the modern architecture in their neighborhood using worksheets with instructions. The chosen artworks will become a part of the 100 Years of Playful Architecture exhibition.