Project assignment

Topic: The 100 Years of Playful Architecture

The creative part is intended for the pupil of 3th and 4th grade of elementary school, who under the supervision of their teachers co-operate with architects, historians, and preservationists. Each class participating on the project sends six pictures of chosen modern buildings to represent them at the exhibition, and prepares a multimedia profile about the modern building in their neighborhood.

Creative part:

Forms and techniques
Children can choose from the following techniques: painting, collage, drawing, printing – and use following tools: distemper, watercolour, pen-and-ink, pencil or charcoal drawing, pastel.

A3 format (297 x 420 mm). It is vital to keep this format, otherwise the artwork won’t be accepted.


Individual artworks are evaluated by the children themselves. Six best are chosen to be displayed at the school panel at the main exhibition in Mánes Gallery, after that in Bratislava, and all around the world.

Multimedia part:

To present the modern architecture of given city or region in 1–2 minute long multimedia profile (video/animation/presentation).

The individual artworks will be put on the social networks and website of the Playful Architect association.