The exhibition My Archi Heritage in the Rosenberg Palace at Prague Castle

For this year’s 7th year of the international art-architectural project for children of the 4th and 5th grades of elementary schools, we chose the theme My Architectural Heritage. As every year, so this year we will organize an exhibition of children’s works, in the period from 1.10. to 30.10.2019 in the Rosenberg Palace in Prague Castle.

The project was held under the auspices of: Cardinal Dominik Duka OP, Archbishop of Prague, Miluše Horská, Vice-President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Organizers: Office of the President of the Republic, Prague Castle Administration, Playful Architect and Czech Architecture Week

About us:

Spolek Hravý architekt z.s. is a non-profit organization that has set itself the goal of education in architecture and cultural history. Together with other partners from the Czech Republic and abroad, they have been preparing for the seventh year the international art-architectural project Playful Architect, which is intended to bring these two areas closer to children, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
This year’s theme is My Architectural Heritage.

Project goal:

Popularization of architecture and cultural history, acquainting children with the architecture of their city, region and municipality through art competition. Their task is to select and process historical or modern architecture in their surroundings. The selected works will represent the school and will become part of the international traveling exhibition “Playful Architect-My Architectural Heritage”.

Project assignment for elementary schools:

This creative art competition is designed for 1 selected class of pupils from the 3rd or 4th year who seek with their teachers and then draw interesting historical or contemporary buildings in their neighborhood.

Art section (compulsory):

Format and techniques
Children can choose from the following techniques: painting, collage, drawing, linocut, printing; they can use the following tools: tempera, watercolor, ink, ink, charcoal, pencil, pastel etc.
A3 format (297 x 420 mm) – it is important to keep the format, otherwise the work cannot be included.

The image is provided with a description and a brief information about the history of the rendered object

Evaluation – the individual works will be evaluated by the children themselves and together they will select the six best ones. These will then be displayed on the panel of the school they represent at the main exhibition in Prague and exhibitions in other countries of the world.

Date of delivery: The school / class will bring the pictures to the Studio of Playful Architect in the Rosenberg Palace

Multimedia section (optional)

Tools – mobile phone, digital camera, computer, etc.

In a short, 1-2 minutes long multimedia medallion (video / animation / presentation), children can present interesting architecture and invite them to their town, region or village.

Individual works will appear on social networks and websites of the association Hravý architekt

Date of sending to organizer: till 25.6.2019

Mockup (optional)
In addition, the enrolled class / school can jointly produce a model of some monument from its region. The finished models will also be exhibited at the exhibition My Architectural Heritage.

The choice of material is at the discretion of the school teacher

ceramics, modelina, clay
paper, skewers; combined techniques
foam, foam, polystyrene
label-name of the rendered object
Delivery date: the school / class model will be brought together with pictures to the Studio of Playful Architect in the Rosenberg Palace

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