Professor Chen in the Mánes Gallery

Yesterday in our office we hosted a precious visitors all the way from China. The architect Hui Chen and his family. Young Tong Tong – the recent member of the Playful Architect project, literally cured our overworked minds with his ceaseless laughter.

Professor Chen has once again joined the ranks of the foreign friends of the Playful Architect project and helps us with the participation of one Chinese school, despite his tight schedule. At the same time we have planned the export of this year’s artwork collection to China, where we will go on a tour round the smaller cities (population around million).

We have also found out that the children who are to participate this year, would like to come to Prague and we decided have to make their wish come true.

Children’s day in senate and the exhibition Sights of my Region

Yesterday we opened an open-air exhibition in the gardens of the Wallenstein Palace – The Sights of my Region. Together with the office of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic we have prepared a morning programme for approximately 400 children from Prague and Pardubice egion.

The event was initiated by the Senate’s first vice-president Miluše Horská, under whose patronage the event was organized and, representing the organizers (Playful Architect), by Mr. Petr Ivanov. Also Mr. Pavel Vošalík, director of department of the foreign policy analysis (the ministry of foreign affairs), deputy mayor of the city Pardubice Mrs. Helena Dvořáčková, deputy mayor of the municipal district Prague 6 Ing. Arch. Eva Smutná and Ing. Arch. Miroslav Řepa appeared on the event.

At the beginning, Mr. Adam Mišík sang a few songs and was warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic little fans, whose attention he kept till the end of his performance.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we have opened the exhibition which will be available till 29. 6. 2018 at the Dripstone Wall.

Fun workshops and quizzes took place here, for example a drummer workshop organized by the school Svítání and drummer group Mlima Jua, whose performance we also had an opportunity to hear.

Both children and adults really enjoyed the musicians’ performance, almost each of our honoured guests gave the drumming a try on the stage, the children clapped their hands to the rhythm and sang easy chants.

The sun was shining a lot, so most of the children and adults were grateful for the caps given by Playful Architect and the water bottles provided by the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. We hereby thank everyone for participating in a hope that next year we will celebrate the children’s day together with another exhibition.

To conclude, here is some information of the present state of this year’s festival:
The preparatory works for the exhibition for the anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia are advancing smoothly. The children are painting, taking photos; some of them are even making films.

The registration has been closed and this year, 673 children from 21 Czech schools, 102 children from four Slovakian schools and 348 children from abroad are taking part. All in all over 1000 playful architects – and that is a record!

Filming at the primary school Lupáčova

On Friday 11. 5. 2018 we shot a reportage about the Playful Architect at the primary school Lupáčova in Prague 3 for ČT:D channel. Meanwhile we had the opportunity to see how the children handled this year’s topic and what sort of activities did the teacher come up with.

We also invited the mayor of Prague 3, Ing. Vladislava Hujová, who informed the children briefly about important matters in architecture and plans in this field coming up in near future.

One class was also lectured by Ing.arch. Václav Aulický, namely about the way of living from the prehistoric times up till present. He emphasized important aspects of the architect’s job and also mentioned a broad variety of pros and cons of his job.

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The Reportage will be aired after the exhibition in Senate (22.5.) either on Tuesday or Wednesday on the News of ČT:D channel.

Heritage of my homeland in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

The preparations of the exhibition in the Senate are in full swing. This year’s exhibition will start off  in a grand manner in the Wallenstein Gardens on 22.5.2018 at 10 am. Over 400 Playful Architects will participate on the exhibition of transversal collection of the Sights of my Region.

The office of the Senate, who hosts this whole event, has prepared a rich accompanying programme. The children thus experience a concert, drummer workshop, art workshop and much more.

The exhibition will be opened till 28.6. and will be publicly accessible in the opening hours of the Garden: Monday till Friday 7:30 am till 6 pm, at the weekends 10 am till 6pm. Since June it will be opened up till 7 pm.

International Children’s day in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

A big sectional exhibition that is to start off this year’s annual of the Playful Architect project, is opened to public on 22. 5. 2018. The exhibition will take place in Wallenstein Palace and its gardens under aegis of Mrs. Miluše Horská, first vice president of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The exhibition will cover last five years of the Playful Architect project. We will show the best that has happened so far. The garden exhibit will be on display for a month and without any entrance fee.

On Thursday 22. 5. 2018 a vernissage will be held, where we will invite children, mainly from Prague, that are to participate on this year’s annual festival with name “100 years of the Czechoslovakian Architecture”. The date is chosen so that the children will have been finished with their artworks. Thus, they can spent a nice day in May outside, see the drawings of other children, who competed before them and enjoy the accompanying program, which we have prepared.

The exhibition will last from 22. 5. To 28. 6. 2018

walleinstein palace at central Prague famous turistic place

Worksheets 2018

Once again we have prepared worksheets for the children that are to participate on the project. These worksheets are explaining the issues of the various styles of last hundred years. Furthermore, they contain exercises, which will help children to consolidate the gained knowledge and understand the principles used in certain styles.

You can try them and skim through on your own here:

Worksheets 2018

Feedback from Chotěšov primary school

We are happy for any feedback, especially from children. Therefore, we have asked around, whether the children have any message for us, so that we know that what we are doing makes sense and also to find out which things to improve.

As a first school to respond was ZŠ Chotěšov. You can take a look at their short essays and opinions in our gallery.

Moreover, their teacher Mrs. Hana Duffková sent us a series of photos from their excursion to Clam-Gallas Palace, so you can take a look, how they enjoyed the trip.


The second pre-Christmas meeting in Ostrava

On Monday 18.12.2017, a second meeting where the scale model was given over took place. The children from science grammar school PRIGO were given a facade of a scale model of The Basilica of the Visitation of Our Lady in Frýdek to process.

In the nice ambience of the Gaudete Sunday, the children festively handed the finished scale model over to the bishop František Václav Lobkowicz in the presence of the first deputy of the regional council president of the Moravian-Sileasian Region, Mr. Lukáš Curyl.

The scale model was made by Aleš Marboe.

The scale model before the processing

Pout Féliciter 2018

Playful Architect wishes you the best of things for the whole new year. A lot of succes, good health and much hapiness for 2018.

Right now we are preparing new edition with the theme 100 years of playful architecture. This theme was chosen because of the aniversary of our state – hundred years of independent Czechoslovakian republic.

So far we can see this year will be really succesfull. Many foreign countries are interested in participating (more than twenty) and also we have the biggest count of apllications from Czech republic.


On 31st of May 2018 we will fill house of Senat where we are preparing cross-section of childrens works for the past five years. This wil be with the support of the 1st vicepresident of the senat Mrs. Miluše Horská. We will be celebrating international day of children and we prepare for them extensice progarm including musical performance, workshops etc. This event falls on the day ater the participating children will finish drawing their pictures so we want to officially start here the project.

In the September we wil open for public exhibition in Manes. You can look forward to interactive elements and many other things. After this exhibition finishes in October it will travel to Slovakia and then in cooperation c´with Czech centres to other countries.

Advent meeting

On monday 11th of december 2017 we were meetng at pilsens bishopric with children from Elementary Art School of Pilsen and with the bishop. During our project this year Playful temple builders which was fociusing on baroque architecture we were workig with four schools from Pilsen, Ostrava, Prague and Přelouč on special projekt. We provided a model and children were supposed to finished it with their art. Finished models were shown at the exhibitions in Paris at WHC UNESCO and in Prague in Clam-Gallas palace. Now we wanted to return these models back to the children who made them so they can gift it to authorized person.

Children form Elementary art school under the supervision of the principal Mr. Karel Syka were making the front of the pilsner bishopric. This model was really admired by the visitors. Many stopped by and said they don’t believe this was made by children.


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The author of the model is Aleš Marboe.

Mr. bishop shake hands with every child and he manage to learn all of their names. He even invited them into his office and showed them ceilling mural of the Pilsner Madonna, inspired by the famous statue from the Pilsner cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. Also he did a littleautographing session and sing New Yers card to every child with dedication and wish of blessed Christmass.


Children in return bring as a gift grapfic works with pilsner thematics. Elementary Art School of Pilsen is the only one who does Litography with their pupils.

Next monday we will be making another meeting like this, but this time in Ostrava.

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Town, State: Cabo Frio – RJ, Brazil

Name of the school: Escola Rocha, dos Pássaros

Principal: André Rocha


About school:
Escola Canto dos Pássaros is a private school located in Cabo Frio, Brazil, which includes children from kindergarten age up to high school students, in a total number of 800. We do our work with passion and love, teaching the students for more than 36 years. We are proud to educate personalities of the future.

Instructors: André Rocha

Theme of the lecture: Baroque Sights of Cabo Frio, Brazil

Children involved in the project (3. A and 4. A class):
Andrian Guiherme Machado Marques, Albano Cordeiro Reis, Ana Laura de Araújo Costa, Beatriz de Cunha de SanťAnna, Beatriz Sousa Fernandes, Breno Moreira Valadares Andrade, Daniel Afonso Tito, Eduarda Salles Velloso Lopes, Gabriela Pereira de Souza, Isabella de Freitas Leal, Jan henry Amaral Cotting, Júlia Eblen Guimäes, Larissa Studart Stamile Vieira, Letícia Maldonado de Freitas, Malu Arvellos Lopes, marina Ribeiro Monte, Matheus Pereira Dos Santos, Nicolly Gomes de Azevedo, Rafael Cedro Lima, Valentina Vanzato Vicioli, Victor Manoel Silva Schuab Viera, Victória Cristina Trancoso de Souza, Yanko Seraphim Gomes Dantas Emiliano D´ Valois, Zandor Cameiro Rocha, Anna Laura de Lima Cury, Breno Eduardo Martins do Carmo, Danilo Gama Smarzano da Igreha, Davi Poças de Lacerda, Enzo dos Santos Deigado de Almeida, Enzo Megre Ziller, Iago Abreu Quintanilha,Isabel Azevedo Jungblut Ramos, Isadora Andrade Araujo Silva, Joana Campos de Abreu, José Carlos Magno de Sá Dreire Sobrinho, Julia Toste Martins, Luis Arthur Oliveira Brêtas, Luiz Henriquw trindade Morgado, Marcos Paulo Macedo da Rocha Mendes, Marina de Oliveira Donna, Nicholas Macedo Santana Velodo Antunes, Nicole Alves Rodrigues, Radaella Araújo Fabria, Rodrigo Jales Carneiro da Silva, Theo Arrigoni Ferreira, Victória Busin Duarte

Labels of children works:

  1. The Church and the strets, Matheus pereira dos Santos, 9 yrs.
  2. The Convent, Rafael Cedro Lima, 9 yrs.
  3. The Baroque Monastery, Victor Manoel Viera, 9 yrs.
  4. Old Brazilian church, Valentina Vicioli, 9 yrs.
  5. ”Rope“ of religion, Arthur da Costa, 9 yrs.
  6. Cabo Frio old town, Ana Laura Kemp, 9 yrs.

Children works:

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Photos from the school:

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List of participating schools

List of participating schools

Czech republic 2018

Elementary school and Kindergarden Bělá nad Radbuzou
Elementary school Hroznová, Brno
Elementary school Dukelská, České Budějovice
Elementary school, Elementary Art school and Kindergarden škola Frýdlant
Elementary school Štefánikova, Hradec Králové
Elementary school Kadaň
Elementary school Dukelských hrdinů, Karlovy Vary
Elementary school Mikulov
Elementary school Most
Elementary school and Kindergarden Demlova, Olomouc
Natural science grammar school PRIGO
Elementary school Provaznická, Ostrava-Hrabůvka
Elementary school and Kindergarden Jana Husa, Písek
Elementary school Slovenská, Praha 2
Elementary school Lupáčova, Praha 3
Elementary school and Kindergarden Červený vrch, Praha 6
Elementary school Emy Destinnové, Praha 6
Elementary school Petřiny-sever, Praha 6
Elementary school Balabenka, Praha 9
Elementary school Hornoměcholupská, Praha 10
Elementary school Velká Dlážka, Přerov
Elementary school and Kindergarden Těšany
Elementary school and Kindergarden Pražská, Znojmo

World 2018

Ayb school, Jerevan, Arménie
Escola Canto dos Passaros, Rio de Janeiro, Brazílie
19. SU “Elin Pelin”, Sofie, Bulharsko
Country Garden Venice Bilingual school, Changsha country, Čína
Ecole primaire Saint-Valéry, Saint Émilion, Francie
Giuseppe Lombardo Radice, Benátky, Itálie
School of architecture ve spolupráci s Junglim foundation, Seoul, Jižní Korea
Šiauliai “Sandoros” Progymnasium, Šiauliai, Litva
Budai Rajziskola – Art school of Buda, Budapešť, Maďarsko
Márieremete-Hidegkúti Ökumenikus Általános Iskola, Budapešť, Maďarsko
Colegio Hebreo Sefaradi, Mexico city, Mexiko
Liceo Franco Mexicano, Mexico city, Mexiko
SzkoŁa Podstawowa nr 44 im. Jana III. Sobieskiego, Vratislav, Polsko
Základná škola Vajanskeho, Skalica, Slovensko
ZŠ s MŠ Voderady, Voderady, Slovensko
Základná škola Karpatská, Žilina, Slovensko
Základná škola s materskou školou Zavodie, Žilina, Slovensko
Colegio Hispano Británico, Tenerife, Španělsko
PS 163, ALfred E. Smith School, New York, Spojené státy Americké
Malorees Junior School, Londýn, Velká Británie

Czech republic 2017

Elementary school and Kindergarden Bělá nad Radbuzou

Elementary school Dobřany

Elementary school Chotěšov

Elementary school Chrudim

Elementary school Lednice

Elementary school Úšovice

Elementary art school Pardubice

Elementary school Pardubice

Elementary school Plasy

25th Elementary school Pilsen, Chválenická 17

Elementary school and Kindergarden Prague 3

Elementary school Petřiny – sever

Elementary school Sušice

Elementary art school Přelouč

Elementary school Kostelní, Tachov

Elementary school and Kindergarden Těšany

Elementary school Valtice

Natural science grammar school PRIGO, Ostrava

Youth centre Prague 6

World 2017

Centro Montessori Padova scuola Primaria, Padova, Italy

ZŠ a MŠ Voderady, Voderady, Slovenia

Colegio Hebreo Sefaradi, Lomas del Cahmizal, Mexico

Colegio Santa Rosa, Colegio Divina Misericordia, Colegio Túpac Amaru and Centro educativo, Lima, Peru

Heidelsteigschule, Bamberg, Gremany

Escola Canto dos Pássaros, Cabo Prio RJ, Brazil

Groupe scholaire carlepont, Carlepont, France

Osnovna šola Simona Gregorčica Kobarid, Kobarid, Slovinia

SzkoŁa Podstawowa, WrocŁaw, Poland

Šiauliai „Sandoros“ Progymnasium, Šiauliai, Lithuania

Honore de Balzac, Nanterre, France

Czech republic 2016

Elementary school and kindergarden, Brno

Elementary school, Březová

Elementary school and kindergarden, Hradec Králové

Elementary school, Olomouc

Elementary school, Ostrava

Elementary school and kindergarden Barrandov, Prague 5

Elementary school Hanspaulka, Prague6

Elementary school Donovalská, Prague 4

World 2016

Escola Canto dos Pássaros – Brasil

Gymnasium Sv. Cyrila a Metoděje – Bulgaria

Elementary school Horvati – Croatia

Máriaremete-Hidegkúti Ökumenikus – Hungary

State Primaria di Piteccio – Italy

Šiaulia „Sandoros“ Progymnasium – Lithuania

American School – Peru

Elementary school nr. 44 im. Jana III Sobieskiego – Poland

Private Volksschule Sacré Coeur – Austria

El Sharq – Nazareth, Israel

Habiluim – Ramat Ga, Israel

Moriya – Barkai -Haifa, Israel

Afek school -Kibutz Afek, Israel

Tali – Jerusalem, Israel

Reime – Ashdod , Israel

Yigal alon – Sderot, Israel

Teoretické gymnasium „Nicolae Balcescu“ – Romania

Oš Poljane – Slovinia

„VUK Karadžić“ – Serbia

Poly Ppep Country Day Middle School – USA

Intermediate School PSIS 187 – USA

PS 39 – The Landmark School – USA

Colegio Hebreo Sefaradi – Mexico

Czech Republic 2015

Elementary school Hroznová, Brno

Elementary school Dukelská, České Budějovice

Elementary school Štefánikova, Hradec Králové

Elementary school Školní náměstí, Chrudim

Elementary school Slovan, Kroměříž

Elementary school Lednice

Elementary school Obránců míru, Most

Elementary school Komenium, Olomouc

Elementary school Provaznická, Ostrava

Elementary school Štefánikova, Pardubice

Elementary school and kidergarden of Ema Destinnova, Prague

Elementary school Národní, Prachatice

Elementary school and Kindergarden Tábor

Elementary school Valtice

World 2015

Canto dos Pássaros – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

ZŠ 20. dubna– Panagurište, Bulgaria

ZŠ Sveshtenik Nedelio Ivanov – Panagurište, Bulgaria

Škola Speciálního vzdělávání Xiangtan – provincie Hunan, China

Škola Øster Farimagsgades – Kodaň, Danmark

CEIP Tagoror – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Gran Canaria

Základní škola Horvati – Záhřeb, Croatia

Základní škola Piteccio – Pistoia, Italy

Komplexní institut Italo Svevo plesso Domenico Lovisato – Terst, Italy

ZŠ Leo-Baeck – Haifa, Israel

ZŠ Moriya-Barkay – Haifa, Israel

Škola umění a vědy – Gilo Bet – Jeruzalém, Israel

ZŠ Al-Sharq– Nazaret, Israel

ZŠ Omarim – Omer, Israel

Škola Madaim-Alon – Sderot, Israel

Škola Habiluim – Ramat-Gan, Israel

Ekumenická ZŠ Máriaremete-Hidegkúti – Budapešť, HUnagry

Le Studio des Arts Vivants – Casablanca, Maroco

Škola Bet Hayladim – Mexico City, Mexico

SS.CC Recoleta – Lima, Peru

ZŠ nr 44 im. Jana III Sobieskiego – Wroclaw, Poland

Teoretická střední škola “Grigore Moisil” – Temešvár, Romania

Základná škola Karpatská – Žilina, Slovenia

ZŠ Antona Tamaža Linharta – Radovljica, Slovinia

ZŠ Drinka Pavlović – Bělehrad, Serbia

Plastilinarte – Caracas, Venesuela

Czech republic 2014

Elementary school Kneslova, Brno

Orphanage with school, Býchory

Elementary school Dukelská, České Budějovice

Elementary school Za nádražím, Český Krumlov

Elementary school Jiřího z Poděbrad, Frýdek-Místek

Elementary art school Purkyňova, Frýdlant

Elementary school Kadaňská, Chomutov

5th Elementary school Jindřichův Hradec III, Vajgar, Jindřichův Hradec

Elementary school Školní, Kadaň

Elementary school Dukelských hrdinů, Karls bad

Elementary school Jana Palacha, Kutná Hora

Elementary school Lednice, Lednice

Elementary school Mikulov, Hraničářů, Mikulov

Elementary school and Kindergarden Demlova, Olomouc

Elementary school nábřeží Závodu míru, Pardubice

Elementary school of Jan Hus and Kindergarden Písek, Písek

25th Elementary school Chválenická, Pilsen

Elementary school Curies square, Prague 1

Elementary school Velká Dlážka, Přerov

Elementary school and kindergarden Helsinská, Tábor

Elementary school Valtice, Valtice

Elementary school and Kindergarden Pražská, Znojmo

World 2014

Elementary school and Kindergarden Sibírska, Bratislava, Slovenia

Elementary school of Vajanský, Skalica, Slovenia

Elementary school and Kindegraden Školská, Žilina, Slovenia

Podmaniczky János Evangélikus Óvodaés Altalános Iskola, Budapest, Hungary

Zespól Szskól Nr 10, Szkola Podstawowa, Vratislav, Poland

Istituto Comprensivo Scarperia San Piero a Sieve, Florencie, Italy


Prague 6

Town, State: Prague, Czech Republic

School name: Elementary and secondary school ZŠ Petřiny-sever, Na Okraji 43, Praha 6

Headmistress:Mgr. Jana Kindlová

Phone No.:+420 728 819 174

Information about the school:

Our school ZŠ Petřiny-sever has two different study programs. The elementary school runs an alternative program called “Starting together” (Začít spolu). The secondary school’s program is extended with arts and crafts classes.

Lecturers: Markéta Vondrášková

The topic of the lecture: Santino’s sacred geometry

The participating children (class 4. B):

Burger Joachim, Fajtl Petr, Gabčo Samuel, Gacková Viktorie, Kopečná Daniela, Kučerová Ema, Kuličová Viktorie, Lažnovský Jonáš, Lažnovský Matěj, Martinec Jan, Mccabe Damien, Mihalík Filip, Nosková Aneta, Obeidová Sara, Roesink Damian, Rusnok Lukáš, Šatan Dominik, Urbanová Lucia, Vozková Emma, Průša Matěj, Vávrová Anežka, Hrbková Eliška, Hinterholzinger Nikola, Le Guillou Emma

Photo description:

  1. Time, Lukáš Rusnok, 10 years old.
  2.  The Totem, Dominik Šatan, 10 years old.
  3. The Rose, Viktorie Gackoká, 10 years old.
  4. The Eclipse, Ema Kučerová, 10 years old.
  5. The Gem, Sára Obeidová, 10 years old.
  6. The Whirl, Aneta Nosková, 10 years old.

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School photos:

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Prague 3

Town, State: Prague, Prague 3, Czech Republic

School name: Elementary and secondary school and kindergarten, ZŠ nám. Jiřího z Lobkovic, Prague 3

Headmistress: Mgr. Naděžna Hrebíková



Phone No.:  +420 605 920 744

Information about the school:

It is the faculty school of the Faculty of Education of Charles University. It has 460 pupil, who study in 23 classes in two separate buildings. The school is, due to the range of optional subjects, specialized in mathematics, informatics, science, sport and arts.

Lecturers:  Mgr. Pavlína Malinová

The topic of the lecture: Baroque through children’s eyes

The participating children (class 3.A):

Prokop Blažek, Josef Cepl, Martin Alan Dušek, Anna Dvořáková, Nella Dytko, Nikola Fesslová, Anna Hrabánková, Stanislav Kohout, Tereza Kohoutová, Amálie Kolářová, Natálie Kožušníková, Vojtěch Lacina, Ema Masopustová, Vendulka Matoušková, David Mugl, Michal Novotný, Kryštof Otta, Viktor Nicolas Palša, Robin Stránský, Kristián Terinek, Emma Sofie Trnková, Matěj Valenta, David Veverka, Karla Voborníková

Photo description:

  1. The church of Saint Roch, Martin Alan Dušek, 9 years old.
  2. The church of Saint Roch, Amálie Kolářová, 8 years old.
  3. The church of Saint Roch, Michal Novotný, 9 years old.
  4. The church of Saint Roch, Ema Masopustová, 9 years old.
  5. The church of Saint Roch, Emma Sofie Trnková, 9 years old.
  6. The church of Saint Roch, Robin Stránský, 9 years old.

Children’s photos:  

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School photos:

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